We’re a documentary style wedding photography company split between Congleton Cheshire & Leeds. Headed up by Jack Schofield, who does most of the shooting, at Wild Blue I try to keep things relaxed to get the best out of everyone.

I want to be there to capture the special moments. The quiet times, the looks of love. The tears, the joy, the emotion. It’s these feelings that make your day magical, so I want to make sure that we can bring you those memories forever.

About Me:


Split between Cheshire and West Yorkshire, I spent my earlier years studying architecture at university. This gave me a wonderful insight into the way images are put together, and a real respect for spaces and the way people interact with them.

I then spent a few years pursuing elite sport, before finding myself on a slightly different venture in life. With a passion for photography, I was presented with a great opportunity to set up a photography business working in both industries, and so my new photography venture began. 

The business is successful, working with some of the worlds leading athletes, brands and companies. Printed in a variety of magazines and publications, though keeping things challenging, current and fresh is always top of the agenda for us. We want to provide people with the best photography we possibly can, and not break their banks doing so.

So spiked by this as well as wanting to work in a more fulfilling industry, new ideas starting to spring out. And so, with the help of Andy, my business partner, Wild Blue Wedding Photography was born.

The bride laughs as she struggles into the car